My Sketchbook

I managed to almost fill a whole sketchbook last year for the whole year, I used a Moleskine sketchbook (rather than a plain notebook as I had done in previous years) and used all but 15 pages towards the end. It got to the end of the year however and I thought it was time for a new sketchbook.

So I started 2016 with a new sketchbook, it became a catch all for all my drawing, notes, to-do lists, reminders and little notes of encouragement to myself. I filled the pages quite slowly up until May as I was quite preoccupied with Wedding planning. But then, I fiercely filled the remaining pages with drawings and doodles until I reached the very last page a couple of weeks ago.

This is probably the first ever time that I’ve reached the last ever page of a sketchbook, and in under a year? It is unheard of! I have many a notebook and sketchbook that have drawings on the first few pages and then nothing. Some notebooks even have pages ripped out where the page was less than perfect, no such thing happened in this sketchbook. There are definitely some pages that are less than perfect, some are downright rubbish and not for public consumption but I’ve kept then as “lessons learned” – plus it’s a sketchbook, not a work of art!

One of my “keys to success” in this, was that I added a pen loop to my sketchbook, put a pencil in that loop and carried the sketchbook with me in my handbag every day. The fact that I kept a pencil with me, meant that firstly, I always had a tool to draw/sketch/write with and secondly, a pencil is far less permanent than anything else, psychologically there was far less pressure for my drawings to be “perfect.” I know they were never going to be perfect, but using a pencil really helped keep my drawings freer and I would create a lot more.

Now, just like all these drawings, I even drafted this blog post in pencil and paper. It was full of mistakes but it was down on paper and the words flowed.

I hope you enjoy a small peek into my sketchbook. There are definitely some ideas in here that I want to bring to life as products in my Etsy shop very soon.

sianlouise_sketchbook_11 sianlouise_sketchbook_10 sianlouise_sketchbook_9 sianlouise_sketchbook_8 sianlouise_sketchbook_7 sianlouise_sketchbook_1 sianlouise_sketchbook_2 sianlouise_sketchbook_4 sianlouise_sketchbook_5 sianlouise_sketchbook_6

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