Penguin Desk Calendars

The Penguin Desk Calendars started my whole business off. I had created mini Calendars for friends and family as Christmas presents in 2014, featuring little penguin illustrations for each month of the year. I received such a good reaction from them, with family telling me that I should create some to sell.

Then when I started my business in 2016, the first thing I created was a Penguin desk calendar for 2017. They were and still are my best seller!

Originally these came with a mini easel, so that they could sit on your desk, however these became unsustainable with the popularity of the calendars. So I sourced custom stands for 2019, which were made locally in the UK by a small business, from sustainable timber.

I’ve created these calendars each year since, with different designs each time and it is great to see repeat customers coming back.

Sian Shrimpton Penguin Desk Calendars

Penguin Desk Calendar 2019
Sian Shrimpton Penguin Design Calendar

Penguin Desk Calendar 2018
Sian Shrimpton Penguin Calendar 2018

2017 Penguin Desk Calendar
Sian Shrimpton Penguin Calendar 2017