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Introducing my new Love & Lilah store

I’m pleased to introduce to you my wedding store on Love & Lilah.

Love & Lilah is an online wedding store that brings together a fabulous range of British wedding suppliers under one virtual roof and I was so pleased to be approached by them a couple of months ago.

I am so excited to be selling on a dedicated Wedding website, especially for British suppliers. At the moment you’ll be able to order from all seven House Collections on the site, which all include free postage & packaging.

Please go on over and have a little look and let me know what you think. I hope to be adding more products in the near future including Save the Dates and on-the-day Wedding stationery.

Wedding Stationery: The Rhiannon Collection

To celebrate the launch of my new Wedding Stationery Collections, I thought I’d write about each collection so that you can get a bit of background about each design and find out all about each one.

The Rhiannon Collection is a good place to start. I don’t like to have favourites but I feel like the Rhiannon Collection is the closest to my heart. It is named after my Sister for a start and is loosely based on our own Wedding Stationery.

In the year since I designed our Wedding Stationery, my illustration and lettering style has improved through practice and so I thought I’d redesign our Wedding Invitations to reflect that and offer them out to you. The lettering is on a straighter line and the floral illustrations are more complex than on our own Wedding Stationery. I’ve also introduced envelope liners and a floral pattern on the back of the Invitations. I’ve used my favourite colour scheme on these samples, although the colours can be completely customised to your colour scheme. I almost wish we were doing it all again so that I could use these invites myself!

My favourite part of these invites is the custom lettering. Your names will be drawn from scratch if you opt for this collection, they’ll be in a similar style to that in the photos but will be completely unique to you and your partner! The coordinating Save the Dates have the same style of hand lettering. Save the Dates are available here. 

This Collection features a 5×7” Day/Evening Invitation and an A5 details sheet. The front of the Day/Evening Invite has space for your names and all the most important information like time, date, location. The back of each invite features a floral pattern, which can also be completely customised to your colour scheme. The details sheet is a great place for addresses, accommodation, dress code, gift lists and any other information that you think your guests will find useful.

The difference in size means that the details sheet can be seen behind the invite when they’re put together in the envelope. If you love the design of these invites but would like a different size, I will happily discuss this with you and create them in a different size. Day/Evening Invitations and detail sheets are available here. 

To make it quick and simple for your guests to reply to you, RSVP cards can be added to your order. These will be customised to your colour scheme so that everything is coordinated. RSVP Cards are available here. 

This Collection also features belly bands or twine to tie everything together and keep it together in the envelope and so that your guests can keep all vital information together. Belly Bands are available here and Bakers Twine is available here.

If you want to add a bit of luxury to your Wedding Stationery, you can opt for envelope liners, which have a coordinating floral pattern, like the rest of the collection they can be completely customised to your colour scheme. Envelope Liners are available here. 

The ordering process

  • You can either order these through Etsy or contact me directly with your requirements. I’m afraid there is a minimum order of 25 sets of invitations.

  • I will ask for a few details so that I can get to work on your Invites straight away, this will include things like your names, date, wording, your colour scheme, quantities and your address for delivery.

  • Your first proofs will be sent to you within 5 working days after I receive all relevant information and payments. These proofs will be sent through Etsy conversations. Two rounds of revisions are included if you need to make any changes to wording or colours.

  • Once the final proof has been approved by you, no more changes can be made and your Wedding Invitations will be sent to a local printer in London. The printing process takes approximately a week.

  • I will ship your Wedding Invitations out to you once I have received them from the printers and have checked them for quality. Your invites and details sheets will be collated in their envelopes, all you will need to do is secure the envelope, write the addresses and apply postage.

If you’d like to see all the new collections, they are now available in my Etsy Shop. You can also contact me directly at hello[at]sianlouise[dot]co[dot]uk if you’re interested in having me design your Wedding Stationery or if you have any questions about them.

To read more about my Wedding Design services, take a look at my Wedding page. 

Our Wedding Invitations

When we were planning our wedding, it was without a doubt that I was going to design our Wedding Stationery. It made sense because I’m a designer and it’s something that I always assumed I’d do myself.

I did, however, find it quite a daunting task. They say that being your own client is the worst and combine that with being the bride as well and you have a nightmare! Well, in my case, I found it very difficult. Family and friends were telling me that I’d do an amazing job of making the whole day look amazing, but it felt like such a big task. I felt the pressure of being “the creative one” of the family and didn’t know where to start.

Choosing a “look” for our Wedding was my first hurdle. Would we have a theme? Would we have just a colour scheme? Can I find Bridesmaid dresses to match? Will it all look amazing for the photos?

Regardless of style or colour, I started the Wedding stationery design in the way that I do with every design project and that is, with pencil and paper. Being a lover of hand-drawn lettering, I just started writing our names over and over and tried many different styles of ampersand. I loved that our wedding stationery gave me the perfect excuse to draw hundreds of ampersands!

Meanwhile, I decided that I wanted to design a Save the Date. Most people knew the date anyway, but being a print designer and someone who loves keeping ephemera as a memento – I just had to design a save the date! We gave them out in September for our May wedding, people started to get excited about our day and I got an idea of how people reacted to the design, especially from some of our closest friends, who are all creatives too.

Photo of sketches showing hand-drawn text "Save the Date" and "7th May 2016"

Photo of sketches on hand-drawn text saying "Save the Date" alongside the final printed Save the Date.

Photo of hand-drawn text sketch saying "Sian & Robert"

Once we were happy with the way that our names looked, I brought them into illustrator and started to re-draw them. I remember spending a lot of time getting the “o” in Robert right and the leg of the “R” was troublesome. Our names became a lock-up and were carried through to most of the printed items that we used for the wedding. I decided to add some floral details into the mix and by the time we finalised the design of the invites in January, I had chosen the bridesmaid dresses. They were very floral, so after all the anxiety previously, it was all coming together nicely. I absolutely loved the style of the bridesmaid dresses and picked out a lot of the different colours in them to create the colour scheme for the whole wedding.

I then created an information sheet and created a map as part of it, just because I wanted to draw some maps and it might be useful for guests that are not familiar with the area, to know where to park etc. Hand drawn lettering had featured a lot on the main invite and the save the date, but the word that I had the biggest problem with was the word “map,” such a small word and yet so troublesome! I must have re-drawn it about ten times and tweaked it in illustrator a thousand times and after all of that, I started to doubt whether it was even spelt correctly!

The information sheet was A5 and the main invite was slightly smaller to allow them to sit together nicely in an A5 envelope, I strategically placed all of the information and a floral pattern so that the information sheet almost formed a border for the main invitation.

Once it was all checked a hundred times and printed, I collected it all together with a belly band, which had the same lock-up of our names, the date and small floral details. I found that this was a better value solution than most of the others that I looked into. I’m a big fan of stationery and paper products but also a firm believer in keeping things simple. The belly bands were a simple way of keeping both sheets of the invites together and although they took a while to fold and put together, it was a lot less hassle than constructing each invite from scratch.

All were posted together in white envelopes with a small sticker (which was also branded with our names) and this little sticker was the one thing that most people mentioned to us as a nice detail they wouldn’t have thought of themselves.

I really enjoyed creating our wedding invitations and it is still a favourite project of mine and a project that I’m most proud of. I would really love to branch into designing wedding stationery for other couples someday and it’s something I look forward to adding to my Etsy shop in the near future.

You can see the final Wedding Invitations in my Portfolio.

Photo of initial floral sketches

Photo of initial sketches of hand-drawn text saying "Sian & Robert"

photo of final printed invitation surrounded by initial sketches