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Meet the Maker Week – Day 5

SianLouise - Meet the Maker Week 5

This week I’m joining in with #MeetTheMakerWeek organised by @joannehawker and today is all about you guys, my lovely customers. In the short time that my shop has been open I have had customers from all over the UK and the US, Ireland, Canada, Spain, and Italy, and have had such lovely feedback from you all. It means so much to me, especially as I’m a newbie in all this, that people enjoy what I do and I’m not sure the novelty will wear off as time goes on! I’ve had people buy as gifts for colleagues, gifts for family or friends or even as a treat for themselves. I’m so grateful for my customers, because without them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do so thank you all so much!

Meet the Maker Week – Day 4

This week I’m joining in with #MeetTheMakerWeek organised by @joannehawker and if I were to take an “in action” video right now, you’d see me sipping on lemsip, wrapped up in a blanket, working on a boring spreadsheet. So thankfully, I took this video a few days ago when I was painting away with Gilmore Girls on in the background.

Meet the Maker Week – Day 3


This week I’m joining in with #MeetTheMakerWeek organised by @joannehawker and today is about where I work. This is my little office, I’ve had this desk since 2002 (when I was just 14) and it has been with me ever since. I work in my spare room which doubles up as a guest bedroom when we have family staying. Whilst I’m working, I’m regularly surrounded by lots of paper, notebooks, pens, paints etc and I’ll manage to find the smallest space to work. The organised chaos regularly extends onto the floor around me but I absolutely have to tidy up at the end of each day, right before writing a list for the next day. In an ideal world, I’d have at least 2 desks or a bigger desk to give me space for computer work and for drawing/painting etc.

Elsewhere in my office, I have a shelf with all sorts of bits and bobs on it, my new kinda fancy printer and on the wall is an extension of a noticeboard to surround myself with notes of encouragement, inspiration, things I’m proud of, vouchers and to-do lists. I love the minimal look but my office is just not a place for minimalism.

Meet the Maker Week – Day 2


This week I’m joining in with #MeetTheMakerWeek organised by @joannehawker and today is for introductions. So, this is me, I’m Sian Shrimpton and I’m the face behind the design. I do everything from original doodles, to packing up orders and all the admin involved in running my little shop. When I’m not in the studio or doodling away on my sofa, you’ll find me behind my camera, dancing in our kitchen, practicing yoga or at the Theatre. I have a slight obsession with stationery and pens and a weakness for tea, cake, flat whites and chocolate. This photo was taken back in August when we went to Cornwall for the week, it has been far too dark and cold to take nice photos just recently.

Meet the Maker Week – Day 1

A collage of images showing Sian's branding, illustrations, lettering and painting.

This week I’m joining in with #MeetTheMakerWeek organised by @joannehawker . So here goes, my name is Sian Shrimpton, I’m based in Hertfordshire and this is what I do.

I first opened my Etsy shop in 2010, just after graduating with a degree in Graphic Design. I would create hand painted notecards and stationery for family and friends. I had to stop selling because I found that I didn’t have the time with a full time job and a long commute.

I didn’t stop drawing however and I quickly filled many a sketchbook with ideas, drawings and a few penguins for good measure. Fast forward to 2016 and I have decided to take the leap and open my Etsy shop with all new products and working freelance as a designer and illustrator. Currently, I’m selling little desk Calendars and Greeting Cards (Greeting cards will be back in stock this afternoon).

My work is inspired by bright colours and bold lines. I have a passion for hand drawn lettering, paint and illustration. I put a lot of love into everything that I do and I enjoy every second of it, I hope that my work can put a smile on your face as much as it has mine.